Gold Package

The Exhibition Match

Arguably the most viewed branding at the event. The opportunity to brand the clothing of the ring Girl and the Ring Cards is available.

  • Fully catered event for all guests
  • Fully licensed bar
  • MC & DJ
  • Referees under the WA Combat Sports Commission
  • Event program with detailed boxer profiles
  • Personalised entrance music for each boxer
  • Charity auction & raffle
  • Professional photographer
  • Professional filming of the event

Frequently Asked Questions


Training is structured to build your fitness and boxing ability so that you’re ready for the fight night. The camaraderie is great, and the groups generally form strong friendships that last well beyond Fight Night and the realms of the ring.

Participants will complete a 12-week training camp. In the training camp, they’ll be part of an 8-week program.


You are paired with a professional athlete to make sure that you showcase what you have learned. You will experience what a professional boxer has to undergo in a training camp and fight night.


All Corporate Boxing Events will be sanctioned by the WA Sports commission. There will be a paramedic, doctor, referee, time keeper and officials on site.


Sparring is necessary to prepare a boxer for what they can expect on Fight Night. We will build your boxing skills to a level where you can spar safely and proficiently.

All sparring sessions are supervised by our trainers and always conducted with adequate protective equipment.


Events will usually consist of 6 individual bouts of 10 × 2 minute rounds 1-minute rest in between. All bouts are run in accordance with the WA Combat Sports Commission rules, regulations, the CEO will always win. Headgear and 16oz gloves are supplied on the night.